Failure to Publish, Errors & Omissions
The Press-Republican will exercise every care and diligence to prevent error and omission in any advertisement. The Press-Republican shall not be liable for errors, omissions in, or a failure to insert, any advertisement (in whole or in part), for which it may be responsible, beyond the cost of actual space occupied or to have been occupied by item in which error or omission or failure to insert occurred. The advertiser will be entitled to a refund of advertisement price or insertion in next issue at advertiser's option. The Press-Republican will be responsible for only the space and first insertion in which the error occurred. Claims should be made within 48 hours of publication. This is the sole remedy available to advertiser.
While request will be given utmost consideration, no specific position will be guaranteed. Priority ad placement for ROP is available at an additional cost of 25% of the actual ad size. Minimum ad size is 20". Also, requests will be honored on a first come, first serve basis.
Advertising Acceptability
a. Minimum depth for single column advertisement is 2", 2 to 6 columns is 2". All advertisements ordered for more than 19 inches will be charged for the full column depth of 21½ inches.
b. Reverse copy over 50% of space will be charged extra at the color rate for the entire ad space.
c. Advertisers and agencies will indemnify for any claim, damage, cause of action, judgement (including attorney's fees and all other costs of defense and investigation) and hold harmless the Press-Republican, its officers, agents and employees and contractors, for all contents supplied to publisher, including text, representations and illustrations of advertisements printed, arising from the contents including, but not limited to defamation, invasions of privacy, copyright infringement, plagiarism and in case of preprint insert, deficient postage.
d. Cancellations will not be accepted by publisher 36 hours prior to publication. Copy set and canceled before insertion date will be charged at $4.00 per column inch.
e. The publisher reserves the right to censor, reject, alter or disapprove any advertising copy (in whole or in part) at anytime, and reserves the right to change, benday or otherwise lighten type cuts and borders.
f. RETAIL ADVERTISING CONTRACTS are not self-renewing. All contracts expire on the term ending date. ALL CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING CONTRACTS are self-renewing. However, the advertiser may cancel after he has completed the term to which he has signed.
g. The Press-Republican reserves the right to adjust advertising rates during the life of the agreement. Such adjustments will be effective following a 30-day written notice to the advertiser.
h. Publisher is not bound by any terms or conditions appearing on order blanks or copy instructions when in conflict with terms and conditions of the Press-Republican rate card or advertising agreement.
i. Unfulfilled agreements shall be subject to a "Short Rate", which is a charge back for any discounts given for ads that ran since signing the agreement.
j. The Press-Republican reserves the right to reject, edit or cancel any advertising, at anytime, and such refusal or cancellation shall not affect the terms of any contract. Prepayment of advertising does not guarantee publication.
k. Requests for additional tear sheets over 10 may be charged at $1.00 each.
l. Only authorized representatives of the Press-Republican may accept or schedule any form of advertising in the Press-Republican. All advertising must exclusively promote merchandise or services offered by the advertiser placing the ad.
m. Advertising will be accepted from bona fide retail groups ONLY when it is the sole purpose to promote (advertise) the group as a whole. Association members must share unique common traits such as location or businesstype. A single billing shall be sent to the promotion manager of said group.
n. Advertising related to the sale, exchange or disposition of land, homes, mobile homes, construction of homes and developments, real estate rentals, used cars and trucks, RV’s, help wanted and auctions is not acceptable ROP. Classified and classified display rates available on
o. All going out of business ads, political advertising and other ads deemed necessary by the publisher, must be paid in advance.
p. Contracts not completed will be rebilled to applicable earned rate.
q. Ad sizes - see mechanical requirements.
r. Advertising is most productive when it is easily understood by everyone. Please spell out all words, with the exception of the few standard abbreviations listed in most dictionaries.
s. The Press-Republican will not accept Legal Advertising over the telephone. All copy must be typed.
t. Help Wanted advertising must clearly state the nature of the work; Sales Help Wanted ads must state the nature of the items or service to be sold and the basis of compensation.
u. The Press-Republican only accepts third-party placement or administrative fees based on the following guidelines.
• Fees may apply for new or incremental revenue to Press-Republican.
• Definition of new or incremental revenue is at the sole discretion of the Press-Republican.
• Placement entities must provide a sales report describing the short term and long-tern new or incremental revenue to the Press-Republican
• Acceptance of the fee is not blanket approval by the entity, approval applies to a case by case basis only.
• Fees are only available on rate card rates or rates authorized by Press-Republican.
• Delinquent payments may forfeit future fees by placement entity.
v. All residential real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act. The Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” We will not knowingly accept any advertising for residential real estate that appears to or violates federal and/or the state law.
Terms of Payment
a. New accounts must be prepaid until a credit application has been submitted and approved.
b. No advertising will be accepted for accounts sixty (60) days past due, until balance is paid in full, unless other arrangements are made. A credit extension fee of 1 1/2 percent per month (18 percent per annum) will be charged on all non-current 60 day balances as well as attorney's fees and other charges associated with the collection of delinquent accounts.
c. There will be a $20 charge for each returned check.