As of March 1st, 2010 the Press-Republican will no longer accept abbreviations in Classified Line Ads.  We do have an approved list of abbreviations below, any changes to this list must be approved by the Marketing Director before they can be used:

Auto Automatic
Apartment Apt
Available Avail
Bedroom Bedrm
College Degree BA, BS, MA, MS
Cylinder Cyl
Days of the week Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
Door Dr
Equal Opportunity Employer EOE
Hour Hr
Included Incl
Job Titles RN, LPN, CNA, HHA
Minute Min
Month Mo
New York State NYS
Speed Spd
Street suffix: Dr, St, Ave, Cir
Washer/Dryer W/D
Weight & Measurements: Sq Ft, Cu In, CC, “,
Year Yr

The Press-Republican reserves the right to re-quote advertisements submitted through this website which, upon review, are deemed commercial in nature.

Line minimum charges - As of March 1st, 2010 the Press-Republican will no longer require a minimum number of lines for package classified advertisements. This does not effect contract obligations for meeting minimum number of lines.

Package Classifieds
Refunds – The Press-Republican will not offer refunds on unused insertions for Package Classified Ads. Once an ad has been published or past the deadline to be published at least one insertion, the ad will not be refunded.

Changing Ads – Once an ad has started to be published, or past the deadline to be published, changing the text of a package classified ad will be limited. The Press-Republican will only make changes to asking prices, phone numbers, or incorrect text.

Substitutions – The Press-Republican will not allow substitutions in package classified advertisements. If an item is sold, rented, or a position has been filled, both the ad must be stopped and a new ad must be placed.

Ad Renewals
– The Press-Republican will only offer a discounted rate on the renewal of package classified advertisements that are offered in conjunction with a specified package or special. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to renew their advertisement within 3 business days of the ad expiring in order to take advantage of a renewal rate if the renewal rate applies. The renewals for package classified must contain the same text as the original ad with the only exception being either the asking price or phone number.